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Introducing TownOracle, an AI-driven predictive analytics program revolutionizing urban planning.

By transforming static infrastructure blueprints into dynamic, real-time models, we enable cities to become agile and efficient, perfectly aligned with the decentralized, data-empowered ethos of blockchain. In today's fast-paced world, our solution is crucial as it allows cities to stay one step ahead, optimizing time and fiscal resources. 

Join us in creating long-term, sustainable development for your city with

City Center

model design

Our Focus Areas

Our model is designed to evolve, ensuring long-term, sustainable development as the city grows and changes.


ai-backed forecasting

Leverage historical data for informed decision-making and identifying optimal locations for new public transit among other insights.


scenario modeling

Visualize multiple scenarios to understand the potential impact of different plans, enabling data-driven decisions and reducing risks.


real-time updates

Stay agile with continuous flow of real-time data, allowing immediate adjustments to changing situations for efficient urban planning.


data collection

Gather and analyze existing data related to city infrastructure, including traffic flow and utility distribution systems for comprehensive insights.


ongoing adaption

Our model is designed to evolve, keeping up with the changing city and ensuring long-term, sustainable development.

Project Highlight

save our bay

In developing our crowdsourcing app, my team and I prioritized creating an interface that's not only intuitive, but also deeply engaging for users. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

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